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alexisgoldenxxx-01-02-2018-1705720-You will love this nasty little treasure. Seems I j.mp4 – 960 KB
alexisgoldenxxx-01-03-2019-5174994-This is a fantastic clip. One night I was on travel.mp4 – 12.8 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-01-04-2020-28927655-NEW RELEASE GUITAR HOTEL ROMP I’ve been a swinger .mp4 – 479.3 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-01-05-2020-35904240-Do you like watching HUGE BBC fuck a guys wife in .mp4 – 246.3 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-01-05-2020-36005065-I invited the legendary Brutus Black to my real li.mp4 – 99.6 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-01-06-2018-2482581-Do you love my Travel MILF Series When I travel fro.mp4 – 44.9 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-02-05-2020-36402889-You loved my Anal Creampie from last week so here .mp4 – 655.6 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-02-06-2020-44388407-Here it is Super Sexy Victoria Summers (who is mor.mp4 – 380.0 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-02-11-2018-3648767-Ok this is a good one. Or a bad one depending on ur.mp4 – 960 KB
alexisgoldenxxx-02-11-2018-3648797-Get ur tissues This is an 11 minute vid of me telli.mp4 – 76.3 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-03-06-2020-44447563-Stream started at 06 03 2020 12 03 am.mp4 – 464.2 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-03-06-2020-44572933-The Camera Man Reward housewifekelly I had just fi.mp4 – 140.3 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-03-07-2020-73163111-Here is another clip.mp4 – 29.0 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-03-07-2020-73163683-Vid Clip of me with my Naughty Teacher director be.mp4 – 1.9 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-03-07-2020-73173515-Now Live The Cum Buffet As you all know I truly lo.mp4 – 238.9 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-03-11-2018-3656945-TRUE STORY You never know what Social Media will le.mp4 – 14.3 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-04-06-2020-44859827-This is a POV vid of me on my knees fulled clothed.mp4 – 13.5 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-05-05-2018-2312592-A special clip from my hotel room when I introduced.mp4 – 6.1 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-05-05-2020-37175902-I call this 10 minute video clip The Imaginary Cre.mp4 – 443.1 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-05-05-2020-37205839-Since the camera malfunctioned before the Creampie.mp4 – 31.3 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-05-07-2020-73164642-Sometimes before the shoot I like to suck my co-st.mp4 – 259.3 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-05-07-2020-73201089-Found this clip on a Thumb drive. I know it was fr.mp4 – 220.2 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-06-04-2020-29826524-Raise your hand if you do.mp4 – 16.7 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-06-04-2020-29929566-Ever wonder what a girl thinks about when she mast.mp4 – 73.1 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-06-07-2020-73190918-Anonymous Cocksucking. 30 second clip. I have .mp4 – 23.7 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-06-07-2020-73193546-Two Tub Time clips from when I was taking a bath i.mp4 – 11.3 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-06-07-2020-73193549-Two Tub Time clips from when I was taking a bath i.mp4 – 12.3 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-07-05-2020-37732106-Get ur Popcorn and Tissues This awesome 25 minute .mp4 – 303.7 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-07-06-2020-44918328-You guys liked my Cam Guy BJ with housewifekelly s.mp4 – 41.6 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-07-07-2020-73192210-Three BTS vid clips from my Naughty Teacher Shoot..mp4 – 11.5 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-07-07-2020-73192212-Three BTS vid clips from my Naughty Teacher Shoot..mp4 – 12.0 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-07-07-2020-73192213-Three BTS vid clips from my Naughty Teacher Shoot..mp4 – 41.6 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-08-05-2020-37969773-10 minute clip of me after the club with 2 guys. D.mp4 – 424.2 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-08-06-2020-45730280-Just finished a super sweaty workout and my clothe.mp4 – 178.0 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-08-07-2020-73192917-Short one I found when I was .mp4 – 7.2 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-08-08-2020-94251635-I need your vote Three clips posted. Three Mega Fa.mp4 – 77.0 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-08-08-2020-94251640-I need your vote Three clips posted. Three Mega Fa.mp4 – 44.1 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-08-08-2020-94251647-I need your vote Three clips posted. Three Mega Fa.mp4 – 65.7 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-09-07-2020-73194943-You liked my Red Carpet clips I put up earlier. Th.mp4 – 218.5 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-09-08-2020-95453646-Banded reverse hyper extensions are a killer. Modi.mp4 – 11.9 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-10-04-2020-30911682-I’ve been know to hook up with a dude and take him.mp4 – 34.1 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-10-05-2020-38510716-Here is an 8 30 Behind the Scenes Girl Girl Video..mp4 – 379.9 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-10-05-2020-38535055-Here is a Sloppy Seconds vid clip. I just finished.mp4 – 20.9 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-10-06-2020-46191651-Shorts or panties It s kindda the same The stretch.mp4 – 628.1 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-10-06-2020-46191651-Shorts or panties It s kindda the same The stretch.mp4 – 628.1 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-10-08-2020-95881265-This is the first is a Series I will call Hubby Lo.mp4 – 478.5 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-10-09-2020-115940993-You asked for more Anal Creampie Vids so here you.mp4 – 1.3 GB
alexisgoldenxxx-11-04-2020-31105725-Since you liked my clip of a hook up filming the c.mp4 – 20.0 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-11-04-2020-31109563-EASTER SPECIAL Full Length Foursome Fucking Video .mp4 – 1.5 GB
alexisgoldenxxx-11-04-2020-31131104-Butt Fucking THE BIG One This was my FIRST tim.mp4 – 102.3 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-11-04-2020-31136908-I call this clip Anal on the Table . A HUGE BBC is.mp4 – 22.2 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-11-04-2020-31182705-Clip I found on my phone of me waiting in line for.mp4 – 15.8 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-11-08-2019-9534766-I just found this vid clip on my phone. It was afte.mp4 – 664 KB
alexisgoldenxxx-11-08-2019-9535479-Holy Shit Vid clip post from my phone cam right aft.mp4 – 686 KB
alexisgoldenxxx-11-08-2019-9535912-A lucky guy just shot a HUGE load all over my face .mp4 – 524 KB
alexisgoldenxxx-12-04-2020-31315660-Hoppy Easter I just uploaded the Alexis Video Chal.mp4 – 1.2 GB
alexisgoldenxxx-12-04-2020-31316952-Another Special Easter Treat Anonymous Cocksucking.mp4 – 251.1 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-12-04-2020-31374592-I call this clip the Two Minute Man . Took a dude .mp4 – 99.3 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-13-06-2020-47050454-What a position to start in . I can.mp4 – 64.2 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-13-08-2020-97184159-Wow You people loved my Anal Sloppy Seconds update.mp4 – 384.6 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-14-03-2020-25647744-I am so excited to try out this new feature This v.mp4 – 21.5 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-14-08-2019-9649552-As promised clip for the 10 guys BBC Anal and DP Gr.mp4 – 6.5 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-14-08-2019-9649800-Oh shit just found this clip on my phone. I’m havin.mp4 – 569 KB
alexisgoldenxxx-15-04-2020-32063035-You’re going to love this 10 minute clip. We met t.mp4 – 419.4 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-15-04-2020-32063035-You’re going to love this 10 minute clip. We met t.mp4 – 512 KB
alexisgoldenxxx-15-08-2019-9692723-Part 2 of my 10 guys Anal Gang Bang and DP clips no.mp4 – 2.0 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-15-08-2020-97193325-Well you sick perverts LOVE Sloppy Seconds Anal to.mp4 – 505.8 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-16-04-2020-32297322-By popular demand here is another of my Anonymous .mp4 – 23.6 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-16-04-2020-32299881-This is a 12 minute plus clip of me and janetmason.mp4 – 546.9 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-16-04-2020-32380071-Professor Alexis that’s me is teaching an upper le.mp4 – 1.6 GB
alexisgoldenxxx-16-08-2019-9723089-Start your weekend in style with this special frida.mp4 – 9.2 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-16-08-2019-9733056-Sometimes I’ll take a lucky guy from I meet the clu.mp4 – 36.7 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-16-08-2020-98983751-ANOTHER Anal Creampie Sloppy Seconds. College age .mp4 – 443.8 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-16-08-2020-99190285-Anonymous Cocksucking- Chicago Edition I found thi.mp4 – 1.1 GB
alexisgoldenxxx-16-12-2017-1441065-Up close and personal pics of me taking the Anal Vi.gif – 230 KB
alexisgoldenxxx-16-12-2017-1441098-Wonder what I do for fun Check out this vid clip to.mp4 – 212.2 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-16-12-2017-1441276-When I get home from a shoot sometime my hubby want.mp4 – 108.1 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-16-12-2017-1441356-When I visit LexSteele11 at his house my hubby gets.mp4 – 60.8 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-16-12-2017-1441382-Do you want me under your tree Watch my Special Pri.mp4 – 13.8 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-16-12-2017-1442060-Anyone have a Foot Fetish I went to a Foot Night pa.mp4 – 38.4 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-17-02-2020-22472840-BOOBS Big soft boobs and.mp4 – 69.6 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-17-04-2020-32542798-You guys thought my Two Minute Man clip was intere.mp4 – 286.9 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-17-04-2020-32557073-Gang Bang Cumshots 1- I invited a room full of dud.mp4 – 264.6 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-17-07-2020-82059969-Stream started at 07 17 2020 12 06 am Sorry about .mp4 – 327.6 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-17-08-2019-9756016-Anal and DP Gang Bang with 10 BBC- Cl.mp4 – 1.9 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-17-08-2019-9756016-Anal and DP Gang Bang with 10 BBC- Cl.mp4 – 1.9 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-17-08-2019-9756157-Double Cum Shots both Ass to Mouth and Double Load .mp4 – 4.8 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-17-08-2019-9756199-Last one right now from the clips I found on my pho.mp4 – 7.0 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-17-11-2017-1282914-More Anonymous Cocksucking P.gif – 461 KB
alexisgoldenxxx-17-12-2017-1445714-Sometimes my husband is behind the camera people du.mp4 – 165.2 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-18-04-2020-32557960-Gang Bang Cumshots 2- This one is almost 9 minutes.mp4 – 383.5 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-18-04-2020-32560564-OK this might be weird for some people but what th.mp4 – 879.4 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-18-08-2019-9796562-As promised here is a 5 minute 27 second video from.mp4 – 90.4 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-18-08-2020-100768110-Anonymous Cocksucking- The Green Chair Gobble. Af.mp4 – 259.2 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-18-09-2020-121093687-SEE YOU TONIGHT.mp4 – 10.0 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-18-12-2017-1450101-AVN is coming up next month. I have some BTS clips .mp4 – 33.6 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-19-04-2020-33026819-A Treat for your Sunday. Do u know what a Sybian i.mp4 – 674.9 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-19-04-2020-33031750-Before Dinner Mini Orgy I was at a Nudist resort s.mp4 – 437.6 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-19-04-2020-33031856-I love me some ClubCarmenXXX. She and I met for so.mp4 – 972.9 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-19-04-2020-33033181-A short phone clip of me walking around in Lexingt.mp4 – 31.7 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-19-05-2020-40813347-Your afternoon messy creampie video features the s.mp4 – 1.1 GB
alexisgoldenxxx-19-05-2020-40847477-I call this clip The Case of the Girl Giggles. I’m.mp4 – 334.7 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-19-08-2020-100779738-People think I don’t fuck regular guys and only t.mp4 – 35.2 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-19-09-2020-121352651-Stream started at 09 19 2020 01 03 am In case you.mp4 – 659.1 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-20-01-2018-1630615-Here is an exclusive private 3 21 vid clip of me in.mp4 – 38.7 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-20-01-2018-1630643-This might be one of the best BTS clips you will ev.mp4 – 60.8 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-20-02-2019-5024564-Here is the vid clip that goes along with the Anony.mp4 – 869 KB
alexisgoldenxxx-20-02-2019-5027158-Getting ready to do a FL shoot and saying hello wit.mp4 – 3.2 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-20-04-2020-33301258-I used to be into Foot Fetish and I attended the F.mp4 – 250.7 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-20-04-2020-33303056-Once upon a time in a land called Las Vegas I intr.mp4 – 74.7 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-20-04-2020-33304009-Waiting on Dick- Part One. You would think the dud.mp4 – 17.1 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-20-04-2020-33304982-Part 2 Vid Clip of Waiting on Dick Who is it Shoul.mp4 – 4.3 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-20-04-2020-33305189-Part 3 of Waiting on Dick . I’.mp4 – 6.0 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-20-08-2020-102040996-Sorry to have to postpone tonight’s live show. I’.mp4 – 17 KB
alexisgoldenxxx-20-08-2020-102064548-Anonymous Cocksucking- LA Cock 1- I was bored one.mp4 – 545.0 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-20-08-2020-102168522-This is something different for you to yanky your.mp4 – 148.1 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-21-02-2019-5039398-At one of my Hotel Gang Bangs. 3 guys 1 nailing my .mp4 – 101.1 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-21-04-2020-33305536-Part 4 and another hour waiting. Waiting on Dick c.mp4 – 8.5 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-21-04-2020-33305788-He’s HERE Do you know who this is This is the guy .mp4 – 2.1 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-21-04-2020-33561447-Here is a clip on a shoot set with JaylaStarr. She.mp4 – 13.7 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-21-04-2020-33562675-Well u liked my JaylaStarr vid clip so here is ano.mp4 – 72.1 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-21-04-2020-33563330-OK this is really short but nasty stuff I found th.mp4 – 1.8 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-21-05-2020-41378314-I often get into trouble when I’m with SaraJayXXX..mp4 – 3.0 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-21-08-2020-102764351-Introducing my One Load Won’t Do Series. First up.mp4 – 177.7 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-22-03-2020-26905428-quarantine boob fun ).mp4 – 17.5 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-22-06-2020-69737898-I ve been trying to upload this video since yester.mp4 – 557.1 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-22-08-2020-103459944-Continuing my One Load Won’t Do Series. I’m back .mp4 – 102.3 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-23-05-2020-41909230-Happy Memorial Day weekend. It was a bit windy on .mp4 – 17.0 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-24-04-2020-34338646-Full 25 minutes video of Fantasy Role Playing with.mp4 – 1.1 GB
alexisgoldenxxx-24-08-2020-104108852-One Load Won’t Do series continues with Triple Lo.mp4 – 934.4 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-25-04-2020-34582279-A novelty vid clip of me sitting on absolutely the.mp4 – 42 KB
alexisgoldenxxx-25-04-2020-34616516-Rub a Dub Dub Alexis in the Tub. It’s Saturday nig.mp4 – 11.2 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-25-04-2020-34616517-Rub a Dub Dub Alexis in the Tub. It’s Saturday nig.mp4 – 12.2 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-25-04-2020-34625555-A preview video of my classroom the shoot location.mp4 – 23.3 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-25-06-2020-71216871-POV Vid Shorts by popular demand. Here is a clip f.mp4 – 3.5 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-25-06-2020-71216871-POV Vid Shorts by popular demand. Here is a clip f.mp4 – 3.5 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-25-06-2020-71224309-POV Vid Shorts by popular demand. Here is a clip f.mp4 – 6.1 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-26-04-2020-34670862-Behind The Scenes 1- When I get home from shoots m.mp4 – 462.1 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-26-04-2020-34671773-Awesome 13 minute BTS clip. My hubby creeps around.mp4 – 582.4 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-26-04-2020-34827022-Welcome to the Cum Buffet Video Clip of me consumi.mp4 – 56.6 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-27-01-2020-20122526-For the first time I made my own sex tape Here is .mp4 – 66.9 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-27-10-2019-13000977-Sometimes you meet a black guy in the hall of a ho.mp4 – 19.0 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-28-04-2020-35412865-FLP Bloopers Video Clip If you don’t know what FL.mp4 – 34.2 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-28-05-2020-43143919-I’ll call this new posting Claim That Cock . It’s .mp4 – 72.7 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-28-05-2020-43143920-I’ll call this new posting Claim That Cock . It’s .mp4 – 17.9 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-28-05-2020-43145395-I got quite a bit of feedback from my first Claim .mp4 – 167.7 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-28-05-2020-43146727-I’m on a bed in my Hotel Room holding my pussy ope.mp4 – 22.9 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-29-04-2020-35574690-Vid Clip of me gettin.mp4 – 16.4 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-29-04-2020-35576477-I love shooting outdoors. Here’s a vid of me shoot.mp4 – 218.1 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-29-04-2020-35596170-Shot a vid of me on .mp4 – 10.3 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-29-06-2020-73155767-Four short POV clips of dudes filming from their p.mp4 – 7.7 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-29-06-2020-73155768-Four short POV clips of dudes filming from their p.mp4 – 5.8 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-29-06-2020-73155769-Four short POV clips of dudes filming from their p.mp4 – 5.8 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-29-06-2020-73155770-Four short POV clips of dudes filming from their p.mp4 – 22.1 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-29-06-2020-73161695-Sometime there is no place to go squirt around and.mp4 – 10.0 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-30-03-2020-28454778-Did you miss my Live stream from today No worries .mp4 – 310.5 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-30-04-2020-35705428-Two short vid clips of SaraJayXXX and I out at the.mp4 – 2.7 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-30-04-2020-35705429-Two short vid clips of SaraJayXXX and I out at the.mp4 – 5.8 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-30-04-2020-35861795-Last night I did yoga on the intercoastal waterway.mp4 – 9.4 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-30-04-2020-35861796-Last night I did yoga on the intercoastal waterway.mp4 – 25.0 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-30-06-2020-73162475-Talking to my phone right before I go in and do an.mp4 – 57.8 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-30-06-2020-73165390-I do love to walk the Red Carpet. Here are 3 diffe.mp4 – 26.4 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-30-06-2020-73165393-I do love to walk the Red Carpet. Here are 3 diffe.mp4 – 28.0 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-30-06-2020-73165394-I do love to walk the Red Carpet. Here are 3 diffe.mp4 – 49.2 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-30-06-2020-73186555-In addition to the free trailer https 38dfT.mp4 – 118 KB
alexisgoldenxxx-31-01-2018-1700042-A cool gif of time lapse of me spitting out on LONG.gif – 1.8 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-31-01-2019-4714073-This is a vid clip of the FIRST Black Cock I ever s.mp4 – 203.0 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-31-05-2020-43895239-A little something for my feet people. I just got .mp4 – 13.5 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-31-05-2020-43933244-My bestie SaraJayXXX is the one person I will foll.mp4 – 10.6 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-31-05-2020-43935065-Remember AustinTaylorX Who can forget that magnifi.mp4 – 106.6 MB
alexisgoldenxxx-31-05-2020-43936906-How about a Sunday Creampie for you to see This 16.mp4 – 194.1 MB