Femdomshed – Nasty Natascha – Megapack Siterip

Name: Femdomshed – Nasty Natascha – Megapack


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100 extreme ball kicks in return for the 100 miserably boring times you tried to fuck me.wmv
A face full of snot for the lying cheating bitch.wmv
A hard face slapping for pay slave.wmv
A real man wouldnt let his ex girlfriend fart into his mouth So this must be proof that you are a loser.wmv
All the snot and phlegm i can produce. You are so lucky to have a friend like me.wmv
Are you still here loser My boyfriend is gonna be here soon So clean me up and kiss my ass will you.wmv
Bitch slapping my friend for cheating with my man.wmv
Blowing my snotty nose onto the whores tongue.wmv
Burning my name on the bitches leg to remind her not to be a cheating whore.wmv
Caning humptys ass for fun.wmv
Caning my loser EX BF ass hard for being so pathetic in bed.wmv
Come here loser so I can sneeze all of my germs onto your sad sorry face.wmv
Destroying the whores clothes.wmv
Dirty farts in sexy knickers.wmv
Eat my snot and swallow my spit you fucking lying cow.wmv
Eat the snot slave.wmv
Extreme kicking the bitch in her pussy My bare feet Her bare pussy.wmv
Face slapping the bitch for being a cheating slut.wmv
Farting into the bitches open mouth for revenge.wmv
Get your face in my ass and eat all of my farts.wmv
Getting to know my pay slave.wmv
I love blowing my nose and sneezing on the whore Eat my snot and germs slut.wmv
I want you to lick my lovers cum off my feet Dick licker.wmv
I want you to smell the love between me and my new lover.wmv
Kicking the bitch hard in the cunt for my pleasure.wmv
Kicking the bitch in the back Like she did to me when she fucked my BF.wmv
Kicking you in the balls because they never made me happy They are little boys balls with no character.wmv
Laughing on humpty as I fart right into his open mouth.wmv
Lets see how good the pay slave can lick my dirty feet.wmv
lets see how much pay slave likes the taste of my lovers cum.wmv
Lick me clean bitch I feel dirty being around a whore like you.wmv
Lick my dirty sweaty armpits slave.wmv
Lick my feet loser and stop looking so morbid.wmv
Lick the mess off my boots pay slave.wmv
Making the slut so ugly that no guy would want to touch her.wmv
Mistress Sarah Blowing the snot out of our noses and the phlegm from our chest into slave boys mouth.wmv
Mistress Sarah Eat our pussy juices off these tissues We wipe You eat.wmv
Mistress Sarah Eat the mop and swallow the filthy mop water slag You are such a disgusting freak.wmv
Mistress Sarah Extreme paddle on the goof slaves ass.wmv
Mistress Sarah Extreme whipping Girls just wana have fun.wmv
Mistress Sarah Face slapping lessons.wmv
Mistress Sarah Kicking goof hard in his bare balls.wmv
Mistress Sarah Lick the cum out of my pussy faggot My date came twice inside me especially for your dinner.wmv
Mistress Sarah Spitting in the pigs open mouth.wmv
Mistress Sarah The most disgusting dirty feet you have ever seen 4 feet and 20 toes for slave boys dinner.wmv
My nose has been blocked all day Come on pussy boy eat my snot filled tissues.wmv
Paddling pay slaves ass until he regrets coming.wmv
Pulling the bitches hair out and dragging her over my floor.wmv
Punching my pay slave hard in his big belly.wmv
Punching the bitch full power in the belly.wmv
Punching the loser in the belly He is such a softie.wmv
Punching the whore in her skinny ugly white tits.wmv
Pushing the cheating bitch to eat my farts Some very very loud ones too.wmv
Pushing the slut to lick her own disgusting dirty feet clean I want my bitch to be hygienic.wmv
Rubbing my new boyfriends cum on the whores face This time she wont get the chance to fuck me over.wmv
Slapping the bitches filthy diseased cheating pussy.wmv
Slapping the sluts skinny white tits until they glow red.wmv
Sneezing on the slut for breaking up my relationship.wmv
Snot for pay slaves dinner Mmmm.wmv
So you want my spit pay slave.wmv
Spanking pay slaves ass.wmv
Spanking the losers ass after his caning bruising is at its most painful Yes Im a bitch arent I.wmv
Spiting in the whores face for betraying my friendship.wmv
Swallow my farts pay slave.wmv
Swallow my spit you miserable little underachiever.wmv
Toilet fun for the deceitful filthy whore.wmv
Tormenting the bitch with an elastic band.wmv
Whipping the bitches ass I want to see her suffer.wmv
Whipping the slut bitches tits until she breaks down and cries screaming at me.wmv
Whipping the whore so hard until she breaks down screaming You deserve it slag.wmv
Worship my ass slave This is the only time you will ever have an ass this good in your face.wmv
You call these balls These are not balls My new boyfriend has real balls These are peanuts.wmv
Your balls are my balls now.wmv
Your looking hungry humpty I think its time for some lunch.wmv

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